Investment in Real Estate in Old Tbilisi


Investment in Real Estate in Old Tbilisi

The most popular place to invest in real estate is Tbilisi. And if you choose to invest in Tbilisi, you will be choosing the economic capital of a country that is just beginning to discover its potential to the world.
Tbilisi is called little Paris for a reason! Its charming and breathtaking landscapes and historic buildings enchant all who visit here!
During 2022, 5,426,903 foreign travelers visited Georgia, according to the National Tourism Administration.
Compared to 2021, tourism is up 188%.
Based on this data, we can conclude that Georgia is one of the fastest growing countries in terms of tourism, and Tbilisi, as the capital of Georgia, gets the largest share of that.
Thus, if you buy an apartment in the areas we offer in Tbilisi, you will have the highest chances for the best income in general and a high permanent rental yield.

Where to Invest In Real Estate In Tbilisi

Most of Tbilisi's sights and cultural heritages are located in Old Tbilisi; therefore, it is the main center of tourist attractions.
This district is distinguished by Abanotubani - still functioning sulfur baths. As well as churches and museums. Sharden Street, where popular restaurants, open-air cafes, nightclubs, galleries, and more. Another main charm of old Tbilisi is the architecture - old street vendors, wooden carved houses, and balconies.
Old Tbilisi has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site candidate since 2007.

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Invest in Real estate in Tbilisi

A new project "PANORAMA OF THE OLD CITY" has been launched, which is special and significant for Tbilisi. The project perfectly matches the architectural style of Old Tbilisi. Which once again emphasizes its location - on Bukhaidze Street, in the historical part of Tbilisi.

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About the purchase

Buy an Apartment in Tbilisi at Apart Development

If you are interested in buying premium-class apartments in Tbilisi, then Apart Development is the company that creates hotel-type, high-class complexes in old Tbilisi, in the most active touristic area, which is the best decision, both for living and investment because of: The complexes have the best panoramic views of the entire city (Tbilisi); complexes include additional hotel-type comfort such as pool, spa, fitness, cafe-restaurants, etc. These services determine the uniqueness of the company both in old Tbilisi and throughout the capital.
The company (Apart Development) has special conditions for residents that will make your project even more attractive from a commercial point of view: Benefits can be obtained through both short-term sales and leases. You can rent an apartment to tourists, register on travel platforms, which will make it much easier to find a client, as well as rent for a longer period and reinvest in a property of greater value.
The real estate investment made in the Apart Development will be one of the most reliable investments because the company’s projects are financed by the partner bank (Tbc Bank), which means that the buyer has a guarantee that if the developer fails to complete the complex, it will be completed by the partner.


  • Spa
  • Fitness
  • Room Service
  • 24/7 Security
  • Pool
  • Cafe-Restaurant
  • Concierge
  • Cleaning


How should a foreigner buy an apartment in Georgia?

Remote services in Apart Development One of the important issues for Apart development is to simplify the process of buying an apartment for foreigners because obviously, they have to make this decision remotely, which is quite difficult. That is why Apart Development has developed special remote services that will simplify and ease the decisions related to the purchase of an apartment for residents outside the country.
Online consultation;
Assistance in legal matters;
Facilitation with the Partner Bank;
help foreign citizens to obtain the right to residence;
Rental Services in Apart Development Remote services also apply to people who are not Georgian citizens.

  • Communication with the client;
  • Room service;
  • Cleaning the territory;
  • Security 24/7.
  • Financial settlement;

Remote services also apply to people who are not Georgian citizens. In addition, for each complex, you have the opportunity to design your new apartment yourself together with our architect. The apartments are rented in a green and white frame condition, however, if desired, our partner Apart Showroom Company provides design using real materials, renovation, and full furnishing of the apartment.

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Payment Terms

Apart Development has an interest-free installment plan, the terms of which are as follows: if you buy an apartment with us, you can use the 15-month interest-free installment plan, the down payment is 30% and the rest is distributed to the customer's request.
If you are interested in investing in Real Estate in Old Tbilisi, contact us and the sales team of Apart Development. We will provide you with comprehensive information about the company and projects

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Leave your contacts, and we will be happy to advise you so that you can choose the best option for you in sunny Tbilisi.

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