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Total area:

35 000 m²

Recreational space:

5000 m²

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    Project description

    Step into the elegance of "Krtsanisi Margaliti by Apart", a true architectural jewel by the esteemed APART GROUP. Sprawling over 12,000 square meters, its total construction expanse gracefully unfolds across 35,000 square meters.
    Located in the heart of Georgia's capital, within the distinguished Krtsanisi district, this sanctuary stands where the government once resided. Amidst its quaint avenues, "Krtsanisi Margaliti" offers an escape from the city's clamor. Its verdant surroundings, enhanced by the gentle embrace of the Dunishkevi river, evoke a harmonious communion with nature.
    In this oasis, every inch is meticulously crafted. "Krtsanisi Margaliti" emerges as a beacon of comfort for its inhabitants. Its sprawling 5,000 sq. m. enclave offers an array of luxuries: from pristine pools—both indoor and outdoor—to enchanting children's play areas, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and a welcoming cafe.
    Here, tranquility is paramount. A secured environment, bolstered by 24/7 security and a dedicated concierge service, assures a peaceful residence.
    The architectural solution, designed under the guidance of renowned architect Beka Kikalashvili of Houseart, offers you homes with wide balconies and terraces, decorated with white cladding panels, glass elements and magnificent stained glass windows. Here, modern lines and natural beauty create a unique harmony.
    Welcome to “Krtsanisi Margaliti” by Apart, a place where your quality of life reaches new heights.


    • Indoor and Outdoor Pool
    • Gym
    • Relaxation spaces
    • Cleaning Service
    • 24/7 security
    • Café-bar
    • Children's playground
    • Private Parking

    Invest in Real estate in Tbilisi

    The real estate purchased from us is the best business investment, and the guarantee of this is that the project is implemented in the old district of Tbilisi, in the most active touristic zone, which determines the high demand on apartments throughout the year. Unique conditions: down payment only 5%


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