Apart Group is celebrating its fifth anniversary. During this period, the company has solidified its position in the real estate market, particularly in the premium segment of Old Tbilisi, earning recognition for its high quality, innovative projects. The company’s success stems from a commitment to high standards, innovative designs, and a focus on customer satisfaction, leading to trust and long-term relationships with clients. To find out more, GEORGIA TODAY talked to Beka Khoperia, founder of Apart Group..

Apart Group is five years old, how would you evaluate this period for your company?

Since its establishment, the company has established itself well in a certain segment. When talking about premium quality and Old Tbilisi, Apart Group is first in mind, undoubtedly the merit of our having the right management.

I think we created a new trend and raised the game of how modern architecture should be compared to the situation in Old Tbilisi. What additional values can be offered to users in the residential complex in order to create complete comfort? Our projects have added value to old neighborhoods and made them more prestigious. The residents themselves talk about it and thank us.

After five years, the company is in the top ten developers. Now we believe that we are ready to tackle even more large-scale projects, and that is why we have started implementing ambitious plans, which will double our portfolio, adding interesting projects in different areas of the city.

Along with its development, our company’s work profile also increased, a process that showed us that if you take responsibility for high quality, it is difficult to depend on various external contractors, that’s why, right from the design stage, we ensure the quality of construction and maintenance ourselves with the involvement of subsidiaries. That’s how we became a holding, today uniting four independent companies under the Apart Group brand.

During this time, you have implemented a number of projects, what do you think led to the company’s success and the public’s trust?.

Our goal is to create ever higher quality products and services, such that which will make the investment and business environment in Georgia more attractive in terms of real estate. Also, our task is to create a cozy and comfortable living environment for our customers; to have long-term relationships with customers based on quality and trust, which are a prerequisite for the company’s long-term success.

One important component of our strategy is the implemented changes. Change is a source of inspiration to create even better, but the basic idea remains unchanged – high quality and innovative projects.

I am sure that we will be able to do all this, because we have the best team, one that shares the company’s values, does not stop developing, and which constantly strives for perfection.”

We want the residents of the Apart Group complexes to feel as comfortable as possible and to receive all the services they want on the spot – that’s how we started and that’s how we intend to continue, that’s the essence of our company. One of the main challenges is to preserve the old appearance of the city, which our company was able to do in Old Tbilisi, a district which counts itself among the most sought-after for investors today, and to do the same in any other district and region where the work of Apart Group can be found.

What project are you currently working on and what makes it stand out?.

Along with the growth and development of the company, it is necessary to properly plan the most important processes in the structure. Correct structural changes are the first and main step in the implementation of our strategy. One of the most important processes is the development of the right product development strategy, the preparation of relevant projects, and careful organization and management.

The new product is an important part of the company’s competitive growth strategy. For the development of “apart development”, it is not enough to develop a new product once, only at the initial stage. That is why the management is constantly paying attention to the issue of product development and is ready to devote the necessary time and resources. The company’s constant challenge is to create a competitive product in the market and then implement it properly. With the company’s new strategy, more attention will be paid to creating a competitive and ever-evolving product that is tailored to our customers.

There is a lot of work to be done in order to be able to be a constantly growing company with future products and project quality, to maintain competitiveness and constant customer satisfaction. I believe that every year we will be able to offer even more interesting and more sophisticated products and projects.”

Tell us about the company’s future plans..

Apart Group is a company that is constantly developing – this is how we started, and we are not going to stop: We are focused on sharing best practices and introducing innovations. After becoming a “separate group”, we will go beyond internal projects on a large scale and will be able to provide services to other partner companies, however, traditionally, our field of interest will continue to be the premium segment, and each internal company will take care of maintaining this standard.

At this stage, Apart Group is actively involved in the construction of a new large-scale and outstanding project ,,Krtsanisi Margaliti’’ (‘Pearl of Krtsanisi’) – which is located in the historical part of Tbilisi. The residential complex will be located in a cozy residential area, which is completely separated from noise caused by the movement of cars. With optimal spatial planning and a multifunctional environment, our project creates an outstanding, comfortable living area.

The Krtsanisi project is competitive both in terms of price and the service offered. In this project too, our style will be preserved and we will create small buildings in a peaceful environment, in harmony with nature, which will beautify Tbilisi in another historical district.

Our innovative project introduces new standards that improve the quality of life for residents. The project solution is developed with low and dynamic buildings with large balconies and terraces. The facade mainly uses white facing panels, facade stained glass and glass railings, while an important element of the complex is an open and closed swimming pool, with an additional courtyard and children’s entertainment areas. Overall, the mentioned architecture blends harmoniously with the existing environment and nature.

That’s not all. Three large-scale projects are also planned in Saburtalo and Batumi – so Apart Group remains firmly on its path – aiming to significantly increase its influence in the coming years. The company’s ambitious goals go beyond the Georgian market, as we strive to create innovative and positive trends and leave a mark on the foreign real estate market. Our company has an ambition to make a significant contribution to urban development in both the local and international markets..

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