Georgia is a country steeped in rich traditions. From a socio-political and cultural perspective, it is considered a part of Europe. Tbilisi, the capital of the country, stands out due to its plethora of historical monuments, making it one of the most beloved cities among tourists. The construction and reconstruction of the capital are progressing rapidly. The architecture of residential buildings in Tbilisi is characterized by remarkable diversity and distinctive features. In the downtown area of the city, modern multi-storey buildings featuring glass-fitting facades (glass facades) and reinforced concrete structures are a common sight, however, in close proximity to these contemporary buildings lies Old Tbilisi, the city’s historical district. The majority of the city’s notable landmarks are concentrated in this area, making it the primary hub of tourist attraction. The 33-year-old businessman, Beka Khoperia, commenced the construction of his inaugural large-scale multifunctional complex — “Old City Panorama” at this precise location, which aligns with the demands of the 21st century in terms of functionality, while simultaneously preserving the outward appearance of Old Tbilisi (cityscape of Old Tbilisi)…

In our recent conversation with Beka Khoperia, founder of Apart Group, a prominent development company in Georgia, he shared valuable insights into the real estate sector’s future trajectory. Khoperia highlighted the increasing demand for sustainable and mixed-use developments, while also addressing challenges such as regulatory complexities and economic uncertainties. Despite these obstacles, he expressed optimism about Georgia’s favourable investment climate and identified opportunities in emerging markets and technological innovation. With a focus on strategic adaptation and excellence, “Apart Group” is poised to capitalize on these trends and shape the future of real estate in the region.

In Beka Khoperia’s perspective, Tbilisi’s allure in the real estate realm is underscored by a confluence of factors. The city’s robust economy and strategic geographic positioning, serving as a pivotal junction between Europe and Asia, distinguish it as an appealing investment destination. Bolstered by modernized infrastructure and reasonable real estate valuations, Tbilisi offers a fertile ground for investment endeavours. Additionally, its rich cultural heritage, dynamic ambience, and thriving tourism sector further augment its appeal to both local and international investors scouting for diverse and promising real estate opportunities.

In Beka Khoperia’s words, Apart Group is currently immersed in the development of a notable project called “Krtsanisi Margaliti by Apart” in Tbilisi’s historic district. This residential complex, strategically positioned in a tranquil area away from traffic disruptions, is designed with meticulous spatial planning and a versatile environment to offer exceptional living spaces. The company prioritises providing residents with comprehensive on-site services, ensuring the utmost comfort and convenience. With a steadfast commitment to preserving the city’s historical charm, Apart Group has successfully revitalised the once-forgotten Old Tbilisi district, now a thriving hub for investors. Extending its reach, the company has ambitious plans for three large-scale projects in Saburtalo and Batumi. Looking ahead, “Apart Group” aims to expand its influence both domestically and internationally, pioneering innovative trends and leaving a significant mark on the global real estate market while contributing to urban development locally and beyond.

In Beka Khoperia’s assessment, Tbilisi’s current real estate market reflects several influential trends. Firstly, the city benefits from a favourable business environment characterized by streamlined procedures and minimal corruption, facilitating ease in conducting transactions and initiating ventures. Additionally, ongoing infrastructure development contributes to the city’s attractiveness, offering a comprehensive array of amenities essential for a high-quality lifestyle, thriving tourism, and flourishing businesses. Moreover, Tbilisi’s strategic location as a crossroads between Europe and Asia has consistently attracted foreign investment, further enhancing its appeal in the international real estate arena.

As per discussions with Beka Khoperia, the visionary behind “Apart Group,” drawing to a close, it’s clear that Tbilisi’s real estate sector holds immense promise for the future. With an impressive portfolio of ongoing and completed projects, “Apart Group” is poised to be a key player in shaping the industry. By delivering innovative and high-quality standards, the company aims to set new benchmarks in customer satisfaction. Working closely with Beka Khoperia, “Apart Group” is primed to assume a central role in the city’s urban development journey. Khoperia’s vision transcends mere preservation; he seeks to infuse Tbilisi with new vitality, seamlessly blending its historical charm with modern aspirations. This approach not only revitalizes the city but also ignites a renewed fascination with Tbilisi, attracting attention as a dynamic and culturally rich destination.

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