Beka Khoperia’s journey to becoming one of Georgia’s youngest and most successful businessmen is nothing short of remarkable. Born into a world that initially embraced football and filmmaking, fate had different plans for him as he found himself thrust into a managerial position in a major business during his formative years..

Armed with the invaluable knowledge and experience gained during his stint in the corporate world, Beka Khoperia embarked on a bold venture in 2019 by founding “Apart Development.” Over the course of just four years, he steered the company to unparalleled success, making it a prominent player in Georgia’s business landscape. The pinnacle of his achievements came in the form of creating one of Tbilisi’s most sought-after and prestigious residential complexes.

The success of “Apart Group” laid the foundation for a larger conglomerate known as “Apart Group,” where Beka currently holds the helm. This holding comprises several subsidiaries, each specializing in different facets of the real estate industry. “Apart Construction” stands as a testament to Beka’s commitment to quality and precision in construction, ensuring that every project under the “Apart” umbrella reflects excellence.

This subsidiary focuses on elevating the architectural and design aspects of their projects, ensuring that each development not only meets but exceeds the expectations of discerning clients.

“Apart Showroom” represents the direction dedicated to design and renovations, showcasing Beka’s understanding of the evolving tastes and preferences in the market. This subsidiary provides a platform for clients to explore innovative designs and renovation solutions, staying ahead of the curve in the ever-changing landscape of real estate aesthetics.

At the core of this thriving business empire is “Apart Development,” the parent company that oversees and orchestrates the various subsidiaries within “Apart Group.” Beka’s visionary leadership and strategic acumen have transformed the company into a formidable player, setting new standards in the real estate industry.

Beka Khoperia’s story is not just one of success but also a testament to the power of adaptability, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit. As he continues to chart new territories and set even more ambitious goals, it is evident that his impact on the business world in Georgia will endure, leaving an indelible mark for generations to come.

Beka Khoperia’s entrepreneurial journey not only showcases his business acumen but also underscores the importance of resilience and resourcefulness. When he made the pivotal decision to venture into his own business, financial constraints were a significant hurdle. However, what he lacked in monetary resources, he compensated for with a strong support system of people who believed in his capabilities.

Driven by a growing conviction that he could independently manage business processes and a deep sense of fulfillment in the industry, Beka took the leap into entrepreneurship. Despite facing challenges in securing a bank loan, he found a lifeline in the form of a $40,000 loan from a relative. This initial capital served as the cornerstone for what would eventually become the successful “Apart Development.”

In a testament to the trust placed in him by those around him, Beka not only borrowed money but also received a crucial piece of land from a relative. This piece of real estate served as the canvas on which Beka began constructing his vision. In a unique arrangement, once the construction was complete, Beka committed to providing apartments in the building to his relative. This arrangement not only demonstrated Beka’s ability to leverage available resources creatively but also illustrated his commitment to ensuring mutually beneficial partnerships.

One striking aspect of Beka’s entry into entrepreneurship is that his personal finances were not directly invested in the business initially. Instead, he relied on his managerial skills, determination, and the support he garnered to navigate the complexities of the real estate sector successfully. This strategic approach highlights Beka’s ability to turn challenges into opportunities and make the most out of the resources at his disposal.

My love for Georgia and Tbilisi and my desire to make at least a small contribution to its urban development and preservation of Tbilisi traditions – this was the main motivation when I entered the construction and development business. Also, I wanted to build a residential complex where I would have all the comforts in one space that I, as a resident need. Accordingly, I think that we have thought in advance for our customers what they might need and find in our projects”, – Beka Khoperia, founder of “Apart Group”.

Beka’s story is not just about achieving business milestones; it’s a narrative of staying true to one’s passion and using that passion as the driving force behind every endeavor. The notion that success is a byproduct of doing what one loves and approaching challenges with determination resonates in his words. As he continues to make strides in the business world, Beka Khoperia stands as an inspiration for those who dare to dream, illustrating that success is not just about financial gains but, more importantly, about finding joy and fulfillment in the pursuit of one’s true calling.

For Beka Khoperia, the current achievements are viewed as just the beginning, laying the foundation for even more substantial accomplishments in the future. The phrase “just the beginning” suggests a journey that is unfolding, with each milestone serving as a stepping stone to greater heights.

As Beka and “Apart Group” set their sights on expanding their influence and making positive contributions to both local and international markets, their trajectory symbolizes not only business success but a commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining industry norms. Beka Khoperia’s visionary leadership and the collective ambition of “Apart Group” promise a future where their impact goes beyond the construction of buildings, shaping the very landscape of the real estate industry on a global scale.

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