If you didn’t know before, now is the best time to meet a company that is not afraid of the challenges of 2020. “Apart Development” appeared on the market in 2019, easily established its place, and from 2020, the construction of a new project on Bukhaidze Street began. The project, which will bring new life to Old Tbilisi, turned out to be so interesting and important that it soon attracted the attention of a British publication. The apartments created by the company are distinguished by a sophisticated exterior and interior planning. It constantly provides customers with new offers. GEORGIA TODAY spoke to the founder of “Apart Development” Beka Khoperia about the Old City Panorama project.
From football to photography, a dabble in politics, and founding a charity fund with friends, Mr Khoperia’s life has been colorful and varied. We asked him how he ended up establishing “Apart Development”.

“In 2016, I was the director of construction and development company ‘Greenlife,’ through which I gained a lot of experience. I found it very interesting being both in management and in the field of construction in general. This company and its founder Goderdzi Osipov gave me knowledge and played a huge role in my success.

Tell us about the company “Apart Development”.

In 2019, my friend Jaba Ioseliani and I founded the development company Apart Development, and in 2020, I founded a construction company called ‘Apart Construction.’ The same year, together with Showroom Georgia and Apart Group, we established the repair and design company ‘Apart Showroom’. Our first joint project on Bukhaidze Street perfectly suits the architectural style of Old Tbilisi, with its beautiful views. In addition, these apartments fully meet the needs and desires of residents.

Tells us about the new project Old City Panorama.

As the apartments built under the previous project sold so quickly, we were quick to start working on Old City Panorama. It is located on Bukhaidze Street, in the historical part of Tbilisi. Our goal is to match the exterior of the project perfectly with the wider city planning, which is why the Old City Panorama project includes three buildings and is only eight floors high. The project is also important because it has many sights close to it: one of the most important attractions of the city, the Holy Trinity Cathedral, just 250 meters away, the historic Metekhi Fortress and Temple, and Narikala and Rike Park.

Another advantage is the amazing views and greenery of Old Tbilisi. For residents on the first floor, living in “townhouse” type dwellings, we have individual yards. The area includes a swimming pool, spa, gym equipment and a cafe-bar. The apartments are being delivered both in green frame condition and with complete renovation. Buying an apartment with Apart Development is a sensible investment, as we also offer rental service to our customers if they wish, which means that the apartment owner can turn their real estate into a source of income without a lot of effort.

How did Old City Panorama attract the attention of the international architectural online edition?

The new project Old City Panorama in Old Tbilisi caught the eye of the British edition “e-architect” due to the quality and importance of the project, which came as no surprising to us. The publication wrote that Old City Panorama perfectly fits the architectural style and landscape of the city, which often requires a distinctive and unique architectural approach. They also write that the spa, pool and fitness center located in the complex will promote a healthy lifestyle.
Tell us about the company’s future plans.

Our goal is to continue to strive for progress, to contribute to the urban development of Tbilisi, which means that we want to cover the territories of Old Tbilisi, replace damaged buildings with new residential complexes, which will be the best example of combining the Old Tbilisi architectural style with the new. We want to give new life to Old Tbilisi and create a service focused on the wishes and needs of customers. Apart Development will establish a new lifestyle in Old Tbilisi.

Interview by Mariam Mtivlishvili, translated by Ana Dumbadze

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