Everyone knows the fact that the use of plants in interior design makes the environment more lively and beautiful, but there are many more reasons that will convince you that plants have much more than just beauty and aesthetics.

Decorations bring peace to interior design, most people have to spend a lot of time in closed spaces during the day, at work or at home. It is important to know that greenery has a positive effect on health. Plants reduce the feeling of anxiety and fatigue, have a positive effect on mood, filter the air, make the environment healthier and significantly reduce the risk of disease spread.

Reducing stress

Proximity to greenery creates a feeling of lightness and helps us get rid of stress. Statistically, employees are more productive in offices with more greenery. There is a study according to which plants and green environment have a positive effect on the body of students, they help the brain work and reduce headaches.

Improving air quality

One of the most common facts about plants, we know that they clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and turning it into oxygen. The indoor flower, sanseviera, is among the rare plants that most actively absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night (when most plants release oxygen during the day). That is why placing them in the bedroom is a wise decision.

“Increasing Happiness Quotient”

Caring for plants and the environment is the best way to improve emotional health. Taking care of them makes people feel more important and needed. This issue is related to stress management, which is directly proportional to the increase in human happiness quotient.

Noise suppression

Trees can muffle noise, and with the help of indoor plants, you will be less disturbed by the chaotic noise coming from the street. Plants and leaves have a special ability to create a less noisy, more peaceful environment by placing them in the room.

Aesthetic pleasure

For visual aesthetics, placing plants in different parts of the house creates a cozy and individual, colorful and calm atmosphere. Greenery is very suitable for both old and modern, minimalist environments. Most importantly, it does not matter what colors are used in the interior, because the plants will not clash with any dominant color.

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