According to the modern trends, in multi-functional residential complexes, tenants often focus on small spaces when purchasing an apartment in Tbilisi, because it is very profitable and justified to adapt such apartments for investment purposes.

How can we make an apartment look like a hotel room? There are several important details to consider, which should be monitored regularly:

  • • soft towels;
  • • light color linen;
  • • Small bathroom items;
  • • Hair dryer and ironing equipment, etc.

At the same time, it is important to preserve the environment of the house, which will create even greater comfort for the guests of the apartment.

Choose the right bed

In addition to the details mentioned above, high-end hotels can make you feel comfortable and wake up full of energy despite the tiredness of the previous day. To create this feeling, it is important to choose the right and comfortable bed and its equipment (sheets, pillow, blanket, etc.).

Placement of pillows

The placement and number of pillows on the bed is important. It creates more coziness in the room. Pillows also have a decorative function, they are practical, and they add a softer and more pleasant touch to the bed. Place several soft pillows on the bed and be sure that the morning will be special for your guests.

Use artwork

A painting, or another piece of art in the interior, will add more value to the apartment, add individuality and give the guests a sense of peace. In this way, the apartment will become more attractive and interesting for vacationers.

Bring white color into the interior

Use white color for details. With sheets, towels, robes, table or bed covers, you will emphasize its cleanliness and give the interior of your apartments a more aesthetic effect.

Finally, let us remind you that in the Old City Panorama complex, the Apart Development company itself provides a full rental service for residents who have purchased an apartment for this purpose or are planning to do so.

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