What we thought was impossible before has become an integral part of everyday life – the main means of communication without which we cannot live today – mobile phone or computer helps us to establish remote communication with people.

Buying an apartment in Georgia, remotely, just a few years ago, seemed unimaginable to us, although it happens, and quite often. For this important decision, only one means of communication is needed – an Internet connection. Remote services have become relevant and familiar to each of us. That’s why Apart Development, as a customer-oriented development company, cares about tenants or potential customers and tries to make the necessary decisions for them.

One of the important issues for us is to simplify the process of buying an apartment for immigrants, because obviously they have to make this decision remotely, which is quite difficult. That is why Apart Development has developed special remote services that will simplify and ease the decisions related to the purchase of an apartment for residents outside the country and emigrants.

Accordingly, we allow residents outside the country to watch live feeds from the construction site and monitor the ongoing process, thus making sure that the construction of the project is really active. We will help you solve legal issues remotely.

We will provide you with an online consultation at a convenient time for you (taking into account the time difference). We also offer remote banking services provided by our partner Bank of Georgia.

Buying an apartment in a residential complex is a wise investment because we also offer rental services that include: client communication, site cleaning, financial reporting, room service and 24/7 security.

Remote services also apply to people who are not citizens of Georgia. In this case, it is necessary to have a trusted person (citizen of Georgia) who will participate in the process of signing the documents, both in the legal and banking part.

In the process of globalization, the pace of life has accelerated significantly. Both businesses and citizens need to keep pace with progress and adapt to it, whether it’s buying an apartment remotely or conducting business negotiations on various issues online.

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