Scientists and artists has proved that perfection is in details. It also shoud be noted that colors used in the interior can affect a person’s mood, creative skills and many other aspects of life. Interior designers advise us to know our own wishes and than choose our own home or office equipment, as it is desirable in the long run. In order for all the details to blend harmoniously with each other, it’s necessary to choose the right colors.

White – The relatively excessive use of a white color is considered to be a fairly correct step in interior design, as it’s a synthesis of all colors and attracts people of all tastes. It has a calming effect and gives the space a hint of cleanliness.

Grey – Gray is considered a neutral color. Its light tone is desirable to use in the form of walls, and relatively dark – in the form of other accessories and furniture. It should be noted that it is one of the colors that almost everything fits.

Red – Red is the dominant color and it’s easy to notice. Experts recommend that we use it mainly as a small accessory if we wish, so that it can’t strain the eyes.

Black – Black furniture is used in offices or home libraries. It has a tough look and blends in perfectly with the business environment.

Pink – Pink is often referred to as child’s color. It goes well with different color tones but the exception is green. Pink helps a person to relax and gain peace of mind.

Blue – The use of different shades of blue in the interior is recommended because it is associated with harmony. Thus, it helps a person to gain peace of mind and sleep, which is why different shades of blue are often used in bedrooms.

Green – A green color is associated with nature. It can be used as a decorative plant in the room. It won’t only fill the free space, but also create a healthy environment.

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