The fact is that real estate is one of the most correct, secure and reliable areas for investment. Moreover, along with investing in gold and silver items, real estate is considered to be one of the most profitable ways to increase capital. For many well-known brands or businesses, which appear as a manufacturing or even food business in various fields, in fact, the main source of income is the real estate owned by them. A clear example of this is such a giant chain of food outlets around the world as McDonald’s. The company owns and rents most of the restaurant buildings to franchisors who have the right to use the brand name. Consequently, the parent company owns real estate in almost every country in the world and continuously makes a profit from the lease. From this point of view, it can be said that McDonald’s is a real estate company more than a fast food chain.

Real estate in Tbilisi, Georgia is also one of the most reliable investments in the sense that the price of property, by observing market trends, increases rather than decreases. The demand for rent and the price are also growing.

Benefits can be obtained through both short-term sales and leases. You can rent an apartment to tourists, register on travel platforms, which will make it much easier to find a client, as well as rent for a longer period and reinvest in a property of greater value. A long-term lease agreement is one of the most attractive methods for diversifying an investor portfolio and generating additional risk-free income. In this case, the real estate, after a certain period, will deduct its own value fee and it will remain in your ownership.

When there is no financial securities and capital market in Georgia, real estate can be considered as one of the long-term investments associated with the lowest risks.

The currently proven method for buying property as a source of financing is cooperation with a bank, or better yet, an interest-free installment plan offered by development companies, as the borrower correctly defines the risk, as real estate is a tangible and solid asset.

The company Apart Development, located in a tourist-active zone, in particular in Old Tbilisi, offers apartments in different price categories, which are focused on investment-type complexes. The investment made with us will be a well-calculated, stable source of income.

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