If your house, or any particular room is small, you should remember that there is always a solution, and this solution is quite acceptable in many cases. Our tips can be applied to rooms of all shapes, the methods you will read will help you arrange them in a way that is both beautiful and functional.

Multifunctional furniture

When the space is small, it is better to use multifunctional furniture, which is the best way to save space in any room. If one piece of furniture has several loads, it will give you more benefits and help you save space as much as possible. There are different types of multifunctional furniture, for example: a shelf that can be converted into a table. A bed with storage or drawers. A fold-out chair or a multifunctional cabinet, in which a table, bed or other furniture is built. The rhythm of life is fast and chaotic today. Quite often we hear that customers want to simplify the interior. Therefore, the demand for multifunctional furniture will increase more and more in the future.

Natural lighting

Natural lighting is very important in any part of the house, which gives the room the effect of space and coziness. The exterior view creates the illusion of perspective and space in the room. Try to have as large a window as possible in a small room, use light-colored, floor-to-ceiling curtains, which will add more volume to the room and make it more comfortable. Place the mirror on a dark wall that does not receive natural light, a hanging mirror reflects the rays from the windows and makes the room brighter.

Maximum floor space

Try not to cover the floor, use small rugs. By using a carpet in the interior, you create the illusion of the size of the room. This method is also useful for bathrooms, built-in toilets and wall cabinets are quite trendy in interior design.

Vertical lighting

For him, in order to use the space in the room as much as possible, arrange furniture, shelves and things arranged on it vertically, not horizontally. Which will help you avoid chaos in a small room and make it easier for you to move around. Finally, keep in mind that minimalism is one of the best ways not only to save space, but also to create harmony in the interior and avoid chaos.

As for the offer related to interior design in Tbilisi, Apart Development has another interesting surprise for customers – in case of buying an apartment with us, we will give the residents an interior design as a gift, which will be worked on by the partner company “Apart Showroom”. “Apart Showroom” will create an ideal synthesis with the help of professional architect-designers, own experience and your taste.

We would like to remind you that in the outstanding project of Old City Panorama in Tbilisi, small apartments are the most demanded. Spaces start from 39 sq.m. Before you decide to buy an apartment in Geogria, familiarize yourself with the design prepared by the partner company “Apart Showroom”.

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