Determining the site and properly conducting earthworks is the most important factor in ensuring that the construction will be on solid ground. The first stage is to determine the place, the second is to level the place, and then start the construction work.

For geological conclusions, specialists monitor man-made and natural processes in urban areas; To assimilate land areas, the dangers of natural-geological processes. For the purpose of avoidance, preliminary, engineering, geological conclusions are prepared.

The apartment development project Old City Panorama has already received a geological report, without which a building permit will not be issued.At the beginning of construction and in the ongoing process, geodetic works are also important and necessary.

What is geodesy? – it is a Greek word and means: geō-land, daisia-division, division of the earth. Geodesy is a field of natural and engineering sciences that determines the spatial arrangement and size of the topographic elements of the Earth.

To ensure your safety, make sure that the property where you plan to live has passed all the steps related to soil.The object of Old City panorama in Tbilisi has already been uploaded.

Geodetic works have already been carried out on the site of Old City panorama. Gravel, bulk soil is taken out from the construction site and placed on the rocky rock. Building on such soil is a guarantee that the building is on solid ground and in a safe environment.

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