The distinguished complex of old Tbilisi – OLD CITY PANORAMA is the most important project for the development of apartments for sale for company APART DEVELOPMENT. Due to this a permanent quality control and awareness of customers is predominant for us.

It is important that you know the details about materials we use in construction, the criteria according to which we choose them, and what priorities the company has in this regard. Exactly for this purpose, we prepare the blog, which lets you know detailed information about the attitude of the OLD CITY PANORAMA and the APART DEVELOPMENT COMPANY in general, toward quality.

The apartments are delivered in the condition of a green frame, which means that you need to conduct only the cosmetic repair works.

Below are given the list of important and basic materials, high quality of which is the basis for the reliable building:

Concrete and Rebar – basic construction materials, use of which is necessary from the initial stage of construction. Since the warranties are important to us the APART DEVELOPMENT uses high-quality concrete certified by laboratory experts.

Rustavi Metallurgical Plant is a company, which supplies certified rebar of high quality.

For strength, thermal insulation, and noise insulation, we use concrete and pumice blocks, which are supplied by one of the leaders of the Georgian market “LEGI”.In order to sustain our mission – renewal of old Tbilisi and maintain the architectural appearance, we decided to use a facade brick as a decoration material.

Since we deliver the apartments in green frame condition, the customers find the balconies decorated with ceramic granite – the most reliable and durable material, which retains its original appearance for a long time, in addition, it is not affected by mechanical pollution and even treatment with aggressive chemicals.

Doors and windows are some of the most important things when it comes to sound insulation of the apartments. Though OLD CITY PANORAMA is located in a quiet area, we want to create maximum comfort for the residents. Therefore, we decided to make a high-quality, aluminum door window with double glazing, which will guarantee that the noise will never disturb you.

Created by professional designers, the sophisticated interior and exterior proofs that the OLD CITY PANORAMA is the right choice. Therefore, we can boldly say that the quality of materials and construction and the professional team that creates everything for your comfort is important to us.

Any product we use is tested and certified. We want to maintain long-term customer satisfaction, both in terms of project quality and cooperation. At the link provided, you can read more about our construction materials along with certificates: The quality and service provided by our company are known and trusted in Tbilisi and throughout Georgia. We use the highest quality cement clinker. We also use our crushing plant to make sure of the quality of the concrete we produce. We also produce concrete and pumice blocks and other construction materials.

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