Interior design and renovation is one of the most important processes accompanying the purchase of an apartment, which is associated with certain costs. Even before starting the renovation, there are a lot of details that you need to determine in advance. That’s why an article about common mistakes in interior design will help you solve this difficult and complex issue. In addition to the fact that correcting mistakes made in interior design is not easy, it is associated with certain costs. Planning the process in advance is the best way to conduct the renovation correctly, so we offer to learn from other people’s mistakes and provide you with information in advance about the common mistakes made in interior design.

Incorrect lighting distribution

Often, less attention is paid to lighting during renovation and other issues are considered a priority. You will be surprised, and lighting is one of the most important issues in interior design, because it can make a space both harmonious and chaotic at the same time. For its correct distribution, it is necessary to place several types of lighting in one space, for example: neutral, cold and warm lights. When they are turned on simultaneously, the light should be balanced.

  • • First of all, think about the location of windows and natural light. use mirrors that will create an association of space and light in the room;
  • • If you use a floor lamp in the design, determine its location correctly, place it in a relatively dark part of the room;
  • • Keep in mind that placing additional lighting in the kitchen is as important as on the desk;
  • • In the bedroom, use the so-called decorative lamp, which will create a cozy and romantic environment at the same time;

Placing the furniture on the wall

Placing furniture on the walls is not as necessary as you think. Any point in the room can be used for arranging furniture, and implementing this idea will make your home more different and interesting. Although this issue is very individual and depends on the size of the apartment, open spaces, etc. We still recommend you try it.

Mistake in wall decoration

Everyone in your home should have a lovely single wall where you can let your creative juices flow. When it comes to decorations, the following issues should be considered:

  • • Painting in the center of the tidal wall;
  • • leave 10 weights between the frames;
  • • If any item is placed on the furniture (shelf, table, etc.), consider what should be placed on the elevated place;
  • • Any decorative item in your home should balance and complement the design of the room
  • The wrong arrangement of a small space

    If you have a small room and think that nothing will come out of it, you are wrong. When arranging a small room, they try to increase the space with artificial interventions, for which they use plain, bright colors and mirrors. In fact, if the room is not bright and does not allow it, do not try to create it artificially. Dark sitting colors in 9 out of 10 cases are cozy and acceptable even in small rooms.And if your small room is bright, try to emphasize it. Place light-colored furniture and natural materials, which will create the illusion of a large space.

    Inappropriate measurements

    There is one very simple and necessary rule in interior design – measure everything well to make sure that the furniture fits the dimensions of your room perfectly. Agree with us, it is an unpleasant moment when you like the furniture or appliances in the showroom, bring it home and realize that it is the wrong size for the room.

    Focus only on expensive items

    We all love expensive things, we like when accessories are classic and luxurious, but sometimes they are “pretty” because we paid a lot of money for them. Actually, there is a resource to create a tasteful design even with a budget product.Distribute the money according to priorities. Maybe you can decorate the house with budget decorations and use some precious things, which will add a luxurious look to the interior and help you maintain peace.

    Extra white in the interior

    White, bright colors are acceptable for everyone. However, he is often very cold and disinterested. If this problem also threatens your home, I recommend using warmer, beige colors with white or adding warm accents to the white itself.Customize the interior with various decorative items, add live flowers. It’s one thing to use white, and another to do it right.Apart Development has another interesting surprise for customers – in case of buying an apartment with us, we will give customers an interior design as a gift, which will be worked on by the partner company “Apart Showroom”. “Apart Showroom” will create an ideal synthesis with the help of professional architect-designers, own experience and your taste. So, if you have been thinking about this issue until now, our team can help you with it for free.

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