You will probably ask yourself the question at least once – what am I paying for or what makes a particular product competitive and distinctive from other products on the market. That is why I recommend asking this question to the people from whom you are going to buy the product. The decision to buy a flat in Tbilisi, Georgia is not easy for anyone. That’s why there are questions you should definitely ask to help you make a decision.

Our second blog topic is – What am I paying for?

One of the biggest challenges of the 21st century is the dynamism of the rhythm of life, and saving time is the most pressing issue. That is why, in many cases, construction companies offer various services to buyers of real estate in new buildings in Georgia: repairs, furniture, Green or white frame, entrance and yard cleaning, recreation area, stadiums, various entertainment spaces for children and adults on the territory of the construction complex, additional gifts, promotions or other…

Which means that the amount you pay when buying an apartment does not mean only material benefits, the additional services announced by construction companies should be an advantage for you and help you make a decision. The possibilities offered by them will help you to simplify your daily life and create maximum comfort.

The apartment development has special conditions for the residents of the new project OLD CITY PANORAMA, such as:
● Spa
● Pool
● Fitness
● Cafe-restaurant
● Room service
● Concierge
● 24-hour protection
● Cleaning

In addition to all this as a gift:
● 1 year property insurance
● Coffee machine for more comfort in your home.

When cooperating with Apartment Development, it is possible to save time in that you can request a complete renovation of the apartment, and the company will complete it with the design agreed with you and the highest quality materials. That’s not all If you give the purchase a commercial load, it will become a wise investment for you, and you can count on the developer for this, because the apartment development in Tbilisi offers a rental service.

There are many choices in the market, the decision is always up to you, but does everyone try to create such comfort for you in your own living space? Feel free to ask the question, what am I paying for? And we will answer you – the amount you paid is the right investment for the future, because you will live in an environment where everything will be adjusted to your needs and wishes.

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