When making a decision to buy a house, we are often faced with a choice, which is more convenient for us, to buy an apartment for sale in a completed or under construction building. Despite the fact that buying an apartment in a building under construction is quite relevant, there are still question marks and difficulty in making a decision.

That is why we will help you find out what advantages you will enjoy if you buy an apartment in an under-construction project in Tbilisi, Georgia, and in general why you should buy an apartment in an under-construction building.

First of all, in the case of purchasing an apartment in a construction project, construction projects offer you flexible payment terms, for example: internal interest-free installments.

The terms of internal installments in the apartment development are as follows: if you buy an apartment with us, you can enjoy 15 months of interest-free internal installments, the initial contribution is 30%, and the rest of the amount is distributed according to the user’s wishes. As a rule, when you buy an apartment for sale in a project under construction, the price is significantly lower compared to completed projects. The cost increases proportionally at all stages of construction development.

Another advantage is that you can monitor the ongoing construction process, verify the construction materials used and their quality, which will help you to be sure of the reliability of the company and the construction.

Unlike a finished project, you can determine how your rooms and house partitions should be arranged, which is easier to maneuver at the construction stage than in the case of a finished building. In many cases, the house plans offered by the companies are modified according to your wishes. It is the same in the case of apartment development, the project and plans prepared by the architects and placed on our website can be changed taking into account the wishes and requirements of the customer.

You probably will not be surprised if we tell you that we have taken care of this issue and OLD CITY PANORAMA meets all these criteria, be it a unique location, quiet environment, greenery or special services that will help you turn real estate into a source of income. However, this is not all, and it is better to see for yourself the distinctive panoramic views that can only be seen from this complex.

And if you are still not sure that buying an apartment in Tbilisi for sale in a project under construction is interesting and acceptable for you, there is another lever to ensure reliability. Visit the completed projects of these construction companies. Find out what kind of reputation and image the company has, review the contracts that are offered to potential clients, consult with a lawyer, bank or construction company.

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