What are the criteria for choosing an apartment? Perhaps you first think about the location — in what area the project is being built. Then on the ground – is it noisy or quiet, close to the city center or far away and what is around it.

Agree with us, it is more attractive to live in a quiet and cozy environment, with more greenery. Finding such a place and projects in Tbilisi was quite difficult. Mostly built in the part of the city where there is less greenery, more noise and emissions.

Real estate investment in old Tbilisi, Georgia, has many advantages. You will not find the so-called concrete jungles there, considering the ecological conditions or chaotic architectural condition of the city, we can boldly consider the streets of old Tbilisi as an advantage.

The old quarters retain the historic look of the city, the architecture that takes you back in time. You can be sure that our city has a special spirit when you visit the old quarters. This fact is especially important and interesting not only for Georgians, but also for foreign tourists. Consequently, buying an apartment in Old Tbilisi is doubly profitable, because in addition to personal pleasure, you can also turn real estate into a source of income.

As you know, the small streets of old Tbilisi are interconnected and at the same time very active. Avlabari, Rike Narikala, Leselidze, Freedom Square and Rustaveli Avenue, Orbeliani Square, new and old builder… So the tourist route is compiled, you only need to take one-step, upload information to the Internet and receive visitors from different countries.

It will be even easier if you buy an apartment in a complex where you will be offered a rental service.

You probably will not be surprised if we tell you that we have taken care of this issue and OLD CITY PANORAMA meets all these criteria, be it a unique location, quiet environment, greenery or special services that will help you turn real estate into a source of income. However, this is not all, and it is better to see for yourself the distinctive panoramic views that can only be seen from this complex.

What are the advantages of buying an apartment in Old Tbilisi? If we summarize the issue, we will realize that real estate in Old Tbilisi brings many benefits. Quiet environment – which has a positive impact on our mental or physical health, material well-being and in addition – the opportunity to get involved in important work and bring new life to old Tbilisi with us. Contact us and we will tell you in detail how to buy a flat in Tbilisi today and get income from it tomorrow.

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